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Welcome to LashBang!

We started Lashbang, our flagship product in our line back in 2010.
We didn’t really know what we were doing.  But we knew what we wanted.
We wanted high quality ingredients and manufacturing techniques.  We wanted results, without the big brands butting in.
We dubbed it the “New Beauty” Movement.  We laughed at the time.  Back then, it was just something fun for us to start.

How did The New Beauty Movement Start?

There wasn’t a specific moment in history when women decided to ask “why?” to the big brand manufacturers and say “yes” to transparent beauty.

But our world is always shifting to better, and greater. Out with the old, in with the thousands of new.
We’re glad to be part of this special movement. Eyelashes mean to us confidence. They mean to us beautiful. But we don’t want “us” to be a “brand”. We want “us” to be “all”.

Your Choice To Be Free

Join LashBang and be a part of the New Beauty Movement. Express yourself through natural, holistic beauty.
Let's begin building beauty from the root up!